Lucille Tatum/ Sr Center class this week

This weekend Scott and I are visiting his parents in Indianapolis. Thus, the format will probably be a little different from writing this on my iPad.

You have some beautiful cards to make at Lucille Tatum and Sr. Center card class this month.  Also, appear 2 cards from my guest card artists, Carole and Sue.  I love them both! Sue sent the love card for our anniversary and Carole sent the sweet kindness card.



June stamping schedule

tuesday, June 19th – 1:15 pm Lucille Tatum card class, please RSVP to Pam @ 704-865-3291

tuesday, June 19th – 7:00pm Stephanie & Friends

thursday, June 21st – 1:00pm Sr. center, please RSVP to Esther

saturday, June 23rd – Team meeting at 10:00 am at Dallas Sr.   Center. Please RSVP to Esther

saturday, June 23rd – sacrpbooking at 6:00pm

thanks for visiting!

To order please give Esther a call/text/email or visit web site


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